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Release Notes

Netlas v.0.12.0 Release Notes

Wow!!! Just take a look at these awesome charts and map we've added to the web app.

  • Statistics mode allows you to group search results (press chart button on the top of the search results page)
  • Beautiful fullscreen summary map in the responses view (press the full-screen button to see it).
  • PTR or domain name (if available) near IP address on the top of each response.
  • Domains tab in the responses view shows related to the IP-address domain names.
  • Contacts tab in the responses view shows contacts founded on the web page.
  • State and speed indicators in the index selection menu.
  • Now you can hide and show columns in the table view (press the gear button on the top of search results of domains and certs views).
  • 'source_type' and 'fields' parameters allowing to select fields to search.
  • Summary pane in the domains view.
  • Ability to specify return fields in `host` API endpoint.

  • Smart mapping filter on the mapping pane.
  • Autocomplete suggestions.
  • Changes in url scheme (from "/" to "/responses/")
  • API endpoint `host` lost `q` param: /api/host/<ip or domain>/
  • Empty request to API endpoint `host` returns client's IP info.

  • CVE marking bug.
  • Path-related links after renames.
  • Duplicates in downloads bug.
  • Search history ordering.
  • Field organization renamed to Issuer in certificates view.