Netlas Project Blog

Netlas moved to Armenia development started in Russia in 2021. About one year ago we published the very first version of app. During this year, IT companies from the USA and Europe have been using our services, we met professors and their students from educational institutions in Austria, Portugal and Ukraine, and we received a lot of positive feedback from the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

We want to stay open to the world. It is very important for the whole team. The nightmare tragedy unfolding today in Ukraine prompted us to pull the development out of Russia. Netlas LLC has just finished relocating to Armenia. We are very grateful to Armenia for the warm welcome and the opportunity to continue development in a comfortable business environment.

Netlas LLC has been incorporated in Armenia since June 16, 2022.
Address: 17 Garegin Nzhdeh St., Yerevan, Armenia, 0026
State registration number is 269.110.1244665.