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Release Notes

Netlas v.0.18.0 Release Notes

With this build, goes to the Beta testing phase.

We added new search tools - host summary and domain whois search, new protocols, privacy detection features and much more. But the general novation is a subscription system.

Check out our pricing. We'll kick off with an 80% discount sale! Discounts will decrease every few months as the service improves.

  • Subscription system and pricing;
  • Domain whois search tool;
  • Host view (IP and domain summary);
  • Privacy detection on the host view - VPN/Tor/Proxy;
  • Organization to which an IP is delegated on the host view;
  • DNS protocol (both TCP and UDP) protocol support;
  • Modbus protocol support;
  • Siemens S7 communications protocol support;

  • Profile page redesigned, a list of orders added.
  • Search tooltips redesigned.

  • Some minor improvements.