Netlas Project Blog

Upcoming Beta Release

Dear users!

The Alpha testing phase is close to completion. There will be a major update to in a few days. This update opens the Beta phase. We believe that the core features of are stable and ready to use. We will continue to develop the service, but now it is extremely important for us to move on to monetization. So, the upcoming update will bring a subscription system.

Subscriptions will be offered at significant discounts during the Beta testing phase. We'll kick off with an 80% discount sale! Discounts will decrease every few months as the service improves.

We want to thank the users who joined us at the Alpha testing phase:
- Everyone who used Netlas at least once at the Alpha testing will receive a Freelancer subscription for three months.
- If you spent at least 200 Netlas coins, you will receive a Freelancer subscription for six months.
- If you had any challenges completed you will receive a Business subscription for 3-18 months (depends on challenges).

If you plan to use the product for educational purposes, please email to sales [at] We have free subscription plans for educational institutions.

The next release will also bring many new features. The most important are a host view and a domain whois search tool.

Stay with us!
The Team