Netlas Datastore

Get Netlas data on-premise

There is no on-premise version of the Netlas app, but you can download and use the data.
Data collection
Gathering and enriching data takes from several days to a month, depending on the type of data.
Publishing to the app
New indices are validated and published to the app. At this moment, data is available via API.
Publishing to the datastore
1-3 days later the data is published in the datastore in form of zipped JSON and CSV files.

Bulk internet scan data

Available with the "Bulk data" Enterprise option only as a set of zipped JSON-files.
Download the latest internet scan data and use it in your own application. About 700 - 900 millions of responses per scan. Continuous updates in parts by /5 network blocks.
All existing IPv4 addresses, hundreds of ports, scanned by IP and domain
Dozens of commonly used protocols are parsed
More than 1000 technologies, devices and software detected
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures data and PoCs
Whois, Geolocation and ISP data are included

DNS registry datasets

Available at no additional cost to Corporate and Enterprise tier users.
Netlas continuously collects and resolves billions of domains and subdomains across all gTLD and ccTLD. You can download various datasets and use them locally.
Billions of domains and subdomains up to level 10
All types of records, including A, CNAME, NS, MX, TXT, PTR
Forward and reverse DNS lookups
Top 1K - 1M most common subdomains dictionaries

IP and domain whois

Available at no additional cost to Corporate and Enterprise tier users.
Covers all existing IPv4 addresses (more than 4 billion addresses) and active domains, including just registered, published and parked, waiting for renewal, and domains pending deletion (over 600 million domains).
Names, legal names, emails, phones, addresses and other info related to network delegate
The same types of info related to domain registrants and registrars
Data gathered from all major domain registrars and IRR
Abuse email is available for 99% of records
If you need continuous updates, consider purchasing a Corporate or Enterprise subscription. Most datasets (and updates) are available to Corporate tier users without additional cost. You pay for the subscription only.

Frequently asked questions

It is not necessary to have an active Netlas Subscription to get access to the datastore. We recommend that you create at least a free account to maintain your purchase history. Nevertheless, this is not necessary. You can always buy any dataset you want. We will send a download link to the email address provided in your order.